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How SERVPRO Remediates Mold in Your Amherst Home

1/16/2019 (Permalink)

Is mold hiding behind your drywall?

Our Mold Remediation Services are Effective in Controlling Microbial Populations in Amherst Houses

SERVPRO invests significant amounts of energy, time, and money into training our employees and supplying the most effective equipment to put into our Green Fleet. We do this because we want to serve the people in Amherst to the best of our ability, effectively cleaning and mitigating homes from the effects of disasters.  

One way we do this in Amherst is by using highly effective mold remediation techniques. We want our customers to know that while there is no such thing as complete elimination of microbes from a house, we always do our utmost best to reduce the majority of microbes inside their home. Because spores regularly enter the house, controlling their ability to grow is what becomes crucial in our power to control the life cycle of mold within the confines of the home.  

To control mildew and mold, we must control their water intake, and the most effective way to do this is to eliminate it from your home. Without water, microbes become dormant and no longer release spores, nor spread in size. We must consider all sources of water, including condensation. Microbes do not require much water at all to become a problem.  

After our infrared thermal imaging cameras reveal damp areas and possible sources of moisture, we eliminate these and then dry the area. This step prevents future mold from surviving if newly released spores settle in the area.  

We then remove mold-covered materials, but only if we determine these have become damaged. When mold only covers the surface, we can clean these things instead. It is always more cost effective to restore structures through cleaning than it is to replace those same items. It also takes significantly less time, allowing us to finish more quickly that if we needed to wait for replacement materials to arrive.  

Before remediating contaminated areas of any mold damage, we build a temporary chamber to contain the microbes in the area. As we work, this machine runs continuously, creating a negative pressure, all while whisking dirty air through the device and then outside a window.  

Once done, we clean the area with HEPA-filtered vacuums. These trap any dust, mold, spores or other debris and leave the area safe, “Like it never even happened.” We apply a quick-drying liquid antimicrobial agent to kill off any residual microbes and prevent any newly settled ones from ever finding a supportive environment again.  

SERVPRO of Merrimack can help you keep your home free of an over-abundance of mold and mildew. Call us for professional mold remediation services. Our number is (603) 262-9293 and is answered 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Are Mt. Vernon Homes Hosting Mold Colonies for the Holidays?

12/19/2018 (Permalink)

Mold can grow inside walls. It just needs a moisture source. Call SERVPRO at the first sign of mold damage.

Mold Remediation from Start to Finish in Mt. Vernon Properties

A small amount of moisture in the home can become a hotbed for microscopic fungi to reproduce. High humidity levels or heavy rainfall is a common cause of damp in certain areas of your home. Mold spores, which are ever-present in the home environment, can settle on these damp spots and proliferate in as little as 48 hours. Doing your homework and having a professional, qualified remediator on hand is an essential part of being a responsible homeowner.

Mold remediation in Mt. Vernon properties require training, certification, and expertise. Mold spores, by nature, spread easily riding on natural air currents in the home. An inexperienced technician can easily cause further damage by acting irresponsibly. At SERVPRO we use IICRC certificate holders to remediate the affected area and reduce the risk of problems recurring.

One of the first things we do on arrival is to cordon off the affected area. The removal of mold colonies involves agitating the affected area using wet, dry and solvent-based cleaning methods. The aggressive nature of this process can make mold spores airborne. SERVPRO can use physical barriers, in the form of plastic sheeting, or negative air pressure to prevent the infestation from spreading.

With the affected area suitably quarantined we can bring in equipment to help remediate the issue. As stated previously, mold requires moist environments to thrive. We find the source of moisture and dry it by strategically placing rapid air-movers in the affected zone. These machines blast hot air into crevices, cavities and between floorboards; thoroughly drying hard to reach areas in the process.

Where carpeting or fabrics show signs of infection, we can treat them with anti-microbial chemicals. This procedure is a preventative measure to ensure mold does not return after service. The remediation of walls and ceilings can damage paintwork. In these instances, we can apply an anti-microbial paint as a base layer to further reduce the likelihood of a long-term mold issue in your home.

Remediating is not easy, but it can be painless if you choose the right provider. Contact SERVPRO of Merrimack anytime at (603) 262-9293.

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The Advantages Of Hiring SERVPRO To Remediate Mold Damage In Your Amherst Home

9/26/2018 (Permalink)

If you have noticed a moldy smell or visible evidence of mold growth contact SERVPRO!

How To Remove Mold Damage From Your Amherst Property

Notice a musty odor or visible growth spots in and around your home? These could be signs of the proliferation of mold spores and can cause health effects. Unfortunately, the noticeable signs of mold microbes tend to be symptoms of a larger problem. Moisture can build up from a variety of sources in a household. Moist and humid environments provide the ideal conditions for mold growth which can start growing in as little as 24 to 72 hours.

Homes that have mold damage in Amherst can benefit from rapid assessment and treatment. The tell-tale signs could include a distinct musty odor in certain areas of the house as well as visible staining or soiling on your possessions. Sometimes, mold can grow in areas of the house you rarely visit such as an attic or crawlspace for several months before spreading into other areas of the home.

A professional remediation service not only removes the surface signs of mold but also gets to the route of the problem, preventing recurring issues. SERVPRO technicians are trained to recognize and treat mold using a range of equipment. Valuable fabrics or clothing can be sent to an external center for restoration and permanent structure like paneling or softwoods can be treated by soda blasting; a soft abrasive method that uses compressed air to clear away mold without damaging the structure.

One of the priorities in mold remediation is finding the source of mold. Spores expand rapidly but, for a proper restoration, need to be traced back to initial growth spot. This can be caused by a leaking pipe, heavy rainfall or issues with structural integrity in older homes. By treating the source with anti-microbial sprays and reducing humidity levels, SERVPRO can lower the likelihood of mold returning after a service.

Musty odors can be dealt with using foggers. At SERVPRO we use equipment with odor neutralizing chemicals to remove unpleasant smells around the home. In large scale services, we have the option to bring in ozone generators to permanently alter the surrounding atmosphere and remove odor particles for good.

If you have noticed a moldy smell or visible evidence of mold growth contact SERVPRO of Merrimack at (603) 262-9293 for expert home restoration.

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Storm and Mold Infestations in a Merrimack Home

8/27/2018 (Permalink)

Merrimack Homeowners Rely on SERVPRO for Storm Cleanup and Mold Remediation Services

Our Merrimack Customer Was Delighted with the SERVPRO Mold Remediation and Cleanup Service

Most people can expect hot, humid days that make for a lovely relaxing summer by the pool in July. However, on this fine day, the Merrimack New Hampshire area was struck with a rainstorm that dumped about four inches of water in an hour. This intense storm produced flooding and winds that affected numerous homes in the area.

One homeowner, in particular, had some unusual circumstances happen to her residence. Prior to this rainstorm which eventually produced a mold problem, this property in Merrimack New Hampshire was undergoing construction around the in-ground pool, leaving piles of dirt that surrounded the bulkhead leading into the basement.
The property owner decided to do laundry because of the inclement weather. When she walked downstairs, she immediately noticed that several inches of water had flooded her basement with standing water. She tried opening the laundry room door; however, the door would not budge. She had no idea what was causing the door not to open. She decided to call her grandson to come to the house and help her. Luckily, her grandson was handy, and he used a sledgehammer to knock a hole in the door. He was able to turn on the light in the laundry room, and he was shocked at what he saw. There was about a foot of dirt piled up in the laundry room in her basement carried in by the heavy rain and winds.

This resident decided to call a company to give her an estimate on removing the dirt and the contents that were affected by this storm. She was not pleased with this company’s estimate, so she decided to call SERVPRO of Merrimack. With a free estimate screening and the price almost half of the other company, she knew SERVPRO was the better option based not only on the cost but the professionalism of the entire inspection and estimate. Our crew arrived within several days to start the cleanup and restoration of our customer's property.

Unfortunately, mold had acquired on the baseboards in her basement. Our crew came in and first removed the foot of dirt from the laundry room. Then the team had to remove the contents that were affected, including the couch, TV, tables and many furnishings that showed mold growth and water damage. This process took quite some time because of the materials in the basement had to be handled with care.

The SERVPRO crew then had to demo (demolition) all the walls that had mold on the baseboards. We neatly made these flood cuts four feet up and four feet across to make sure all the wet and contaminated wallboards were removed and discarded. We then steam cleaned the entire basement, insured the affected areas were dried to our drying goals, and then applied an antimicrobial agent to help prevent future mold development.  

Our client had some health issues, so we did our best to disinfect the basement to mitigate any possible health effects from the mold. We then topped it off with a pleasant scenting fogging.

The cleanup and mold remediation took a little less than a week to finish which is standard for this service. Our customer was very pleased with the results; she said she felt "Like it never even happened," and she would always recommend SERVPRO of Merrimack to all her acquaintances. Need help? Call us at (603) 262-9293.

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Professional Mold Remediation Removes Existing Microbes, Protecting Milford Homes from Reinfestation

8/22/2018 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO for Safe Removal and Protection from Mold Growth in Your Milford Home

SERVPRO Provides Safe Solutions to Remove Mold from Properties

Many homeowners finding microbial colonies in their Milford residence might feel tempted to solve the problem themselves. However, in situations involving areas larger than a ten square foot space, microorganisms can become much more of a problem later in the absence of professional remediation.
More problematic situations can occur in Milford when mold remediation is done incorrectly or not as thoroughly as the situation requires. One such example involves cleaning mold stains and infestations with a bleach solution. Instead of killing the mold beneath the surface, primarily when used on drywall, the water ends up providing existing mold with nutrients and moisture while the bleach only removes the stains on the surface.
SERVPRO mold remediation specialists use chemical agents and industry-approved methods to do the work correctly the first time. Bleach not only comes in molecules too large to penetrate into the wall, but its chemical vapors can irritate the lungs. Our methods physically remove the mold in a much safer manner.
Sprays work well for killing mold, making it more easily cleaned up and removed from most surfaces. Hard-to-reach areas can pose some issues, so we use dry ice or baking soda to blast the mold off surfaces. Any particles on the floor that have not been suctioned up with the pressurized device, we can then use a HEPA vacuum to remove them from your house's interior.
Because spores can still exist in the air, we use both negative air pressure in may situations involving mold remediation, as well as air scrubbers (a crucial part of negative air pressure systems) in other areas. These scrubbers clean the air by trapping loosened mold particles, spores, dust particles, and other microscopic things found floating in the air in their built-in HEPA filters. In conjunction with the above efforts, we can quarantine the treated area with poly sheeting. Once complete, we can protect your home from future infestations by spraying antimicrobial chemicals in mold-prone locations. These special chemical agents render the area less hospitable for future spores that do find their way to the same location.
SERVPRO of Merrimack also serves Amherst and Mt. Vernon by providing expert consultations and mold remediation services. Contact us so we can partner with you in protecting your home from an overabundance of microbial activity. Our number is (603) 262-9293.

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Professional Mold Remediation Restores Amherst Homes to a Healtheir, Pre-Loss State

6/11/2018 (Permalink)

We respond to your call for mold remediation services quickly in order to save you money in having to replace items. Call SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Understand How Quickly Mold can Destroy Your Property

We want our Amherst homes to provide a safe and healthy haven for ourselves and our families. Protecting occupants from the outdoor climate and other hazards requires not only a high level of structural integrity to keep unwanted things at bay but also that nothing inside poses a risk, either.
Homeowners can prevent one type of health effect from happening to their families through mold remediation services in Amherst. SERVPRO's team of IICRC-certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) can efficiently perform the cleanup work and restorative repairs needed in homes suffering from microbial infestations like mold and mildew.
Microbes can become attached to almost any surface in your home, from walls and ceilings, including in their interiors, inside appliances, on your children's toys, clothing and household textiles (including upholstered furniture and bedding), and many other things that turn your house into your family home. One of the reasons that SERVPRO responds quickly to such calls is because we want to prevent as much damage as possible that mold infestations can create.
Stains from microbes can appear on walls, ceilings, paneling, cabinetry, and trim within your home. Cleaning alone does not remove the hyphae, which are small, root-like parts of the mold, and it is this part that creates the stains. Our technicians remove the microbes and then treat the area with antimicrobial agents. Painting over the area when physical damage has not yet occurred can save homeowners money and time over the replacement costs. However, we must begin soon after mold damage begins for this to option to remain effective. Once deterioration begins, only replacing such materials can adequately restore a home.
Mold remediation can help protect your family from the health effects of mold by eliminating the bulk of your home's microbial population. Your children do not need to face exposure to mold-contaminated toys, carpeting, or other items in your home. After proper remediation, your home can once again provide the safety and protection you want for your family.
SERVPRO of Merrimack can send a highly qualified team of mold remediation specialists to your Milford or Mt. Vernon home to bring your residence back to a healthy state that greatly benefits your family. Call us at our local emergency services hotline number, (603) 262-9293, to speak with a technician who can answer your questions and schedule an appointment with you for an initial assessment.
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Addressing The Mold You Discovered In Your Amherst Home

5/24/2018 (Permalink)

Mold in Your Amherst Home? Call SERVPRO for Remediation

Amherst Property Owners Call SERVPRO for Mold Remediation

For as common as fungal and microbial growth can be to Amherst homes, it is surprising how so many homeowners are not fully aware of how this problem can arise. It is very simple for mold to seat and colonize in your home, and it has nothing to do with the cleanliness of the house. Moisture present in the atmosphere combined with an organic food source and the warmth most people tend to keep their homes heated (or cooled) to is all the conditions necessary for this damage to occur. It is crucial as a homeowner that you keep an eye out for mold growth or damp areas of your home that could allow a colony to form.  
While you might not necessarily think that mold damages are all that considerable of a concern for your Amherst home, there are many reasons why you want to address this issue as soon as you can. For starters, mold has gotten attributed to potential health effects for you and your family who find themselves exposed to the growing colonies. This does not even address the kind of structural damage and destruction that a thriving colony can do to construction materials in your home and personal belongings, including clothing.
The best solution for mold present in your home is to seek out the professional expertise of our AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians at SERVPRO. Our team has the training and equipment to help you reduce the risk of this colony continuing to spread throughout your home and to work to remove these colonies from the places they have taken root.  
The process begins with the isolation of the affected area to prevent spores from moving to different organic materials nearby. Your air conditioner or heater has to get turned off for the remediation process to prevent these same spores from circulating well out of the affected areas. Sanding and soda blasting are typical approaches for removing the colonies present, though it depends on the severity and size of the colonies our SERVPRO team faces.  
Mold in your home is something that you want to address as soon as you can. This growth can affect both your health and the structural integrity of your home. Trust in the remediation technicians we have at SERVPRO of Merrimack to help you through every step of this involved process. Give us a call anytime you need us at (603) 262-9293.

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The Appropriate Steps to Take When You Find Black Mold in Your Amherst Home

2/27/2018 (Permalink)

Finding black mold in your home can be scary, but the professionals at SERVPRO are trained and equipped to remediate the damage.

Trust SERVPRO When You Are in Need of Mold Damage Remediation

Finding any mold growing in your Amherst home can be traumatic enough, but some typically generate a more immediate of a response. The truth is, nearly all kinds of mold are very similar to one another, the difference is how they present themselves in your home. With none of them being something that you want to leave to grow and thrive in your residence, you should be thinking about the right remediation team to call to help you set things right and remove the current mold colonies growing in the affected areas of your house.

When you discover black mold in your Amherst home, it is about as problematic as any other variety and should get handled entirely. Professional remediation services can help not only to remove the current colonies that are growing and thriving but also work to eliminate the source of the moisture necessary to feed the mold spores in the air and create the thriving organisms. Our SERVPRO team gets specially trained to handle black mold and any other variety of fungal growth, both to remove its colonies and to prevent the spores from spreading to new areas of your home.

Isolating the problem area is one of the first steps that our technicians take when we enter your home because it is critical that the problem does not get worse than it already is. This process gets accomplished through the use of negative air chambers around the affected area so that spores circulating through the air during the scrubbing of the damaged surfaces get neutralized and become unable to leave the vicinity.

Preventing the moisture is another critical component of the remediation process. While our dehumidification equipment can quickly pull the moisture from the air and resolve the immediate threat, locating the source of the moisture is an important step as well. This assessment helps to prevent future mold growth by repairing whatever damage exists which permits water and moisture to enter the environment.

As you can see, our experienced remediation specialists have the right focus and equipment to resolve your mold damage situation quickly and professionally. When you discover black mold or any other kind of damage to your home, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Merrimack. Our experienced team is available 24/7 at (603) 262-9293.

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Removing Mold Damage in Amherst from Different Spots and Environments

1/9/2018 (Permalink)

Cleaning Mold from Porous Surfaces in Amherst Homes Can Be Difficult--Call on SERVPRO for Remediation

Varying Steps for Different Mold Infestations Is Key to a Great Remediation

When SERVPRO technicians begin to remove mold spores, growth, and material from your home, they must go through a lengthy and intensive process to ensure that they do the job right. Without thorough work, the mold may still run rampant throughout the home and require additional treatments in the future. We make it a point to properly clean up mold damage in your Amherst home the first time through a multifaceted, complex, and carefully planned approach. While each situation may have different details, we usually must treat an infestation in these three ways.

Air Filtration
One of the most crucial parts of the SERVPRO process of mold damage remediation in Amherst is air filtration. Most mature colonies release millions of microscopic spores into the air that can circulate inside your home and spread to other rooms. While removing every one of these spores is impossible, "scrubbing" all but a few is a standard process in many mold damage cases. We utilize HEPA vacuums and other high-end industrial tools to eliminate as many airborne spores as possible, as quickly as possible. The use of negative air pressure equipment greater enhances this effort.
Removing Mold from Surfaces
Mold attached to a surface in your home such as a floor, wall, or ceiling must be approached differently from a fungus on movable objects. Here, we cannot usually move the surface in question, and must instead utilize specialized treatments and tools such as high-powered UV lights to kill the colony and safely remove it from a surface. Once all visible growth is gone, we then sanitize the area to kill off spores still in the area.
Objects and Furniture
Objects that can be moved and carefully treated are often subjected to a different treatment regimen than structural damage sites. Our technicians are trained in many different cleaning techniques to give different objects ideal care and attention. In some cases, we may also bring in a specialist to evaluate and work on sensitive objects such as artwork.

SERVPRO of Merrimack is a local provider of expert mold damage remediation and restoration services. Call us any time of day or night at (603) 262-9293.

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Why You Need Professional Help in Dealing with Mold Damage to Your Amherst Property

11/14/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Patches on Your Amherst Home's Wall and Carpet? Call SERVPRO for Remediation and Restoration

SERVPRO Provides Remediation to Mold Infestations

Dealing with mold damage can be stressful for any homeowner in Amherst. Damp weather, flood or water damage can form a conducive environment for the mold to grow and thrive right under your nose. Mold can quickly spread if you do not act fast wreaking havoc on your property and can adversely affect your health as well.
Considering seeking professional help as soon as you spot signs of mold damage on your Amherst property. If left untreated, mold can quickly spread to various areas of your home causing a wide-spread damage that can be a nightmare to restore. Here are some reasons you are better off seeking professional help for mold remediation.
1. It is easy to spread mold: If you are not careful, you can quickly spread the mold in your entire house trying to clean it in no time. Our SERVPRO professionals are trained to contain the mold damage to the affected areas. We use containment barriers and other precautions to minimize the spread of the contamination.

2. Eliminating the moisture is the key: Mold thrives in damp and moist places. If you do not remove the moisture entirely, the spores in the air can cause secondary growth. Here at SERVPRO, we use powerful dehumidifying equipment to eliminate moisture and restore the humidity to pre-damage levels. Our professionals also use various moisture sensing equipment to ensure that the moisture level of the affected areas is under control even after the completion of the whole process. Our AMRT technicians can ensure proper drying and moisture elimination.  

3. Disposing of the contaminated material: Disposal of the contaminated material such as drywall, carpet or studs safely is critical to limit the spread the infestation. SERVPRO professionals have training and experience in proper handling and disposal of the mold contamination. If you try a DIY approach, chances are, you might end up spreading the mold to new places and worsen the situation.

Seeking professional help for mold remediation is essential. Professionals have the required training, technical skills, and experience that make mold remediation sometimes easy and fast but always safe.
Call SERVPRO of Merrimack at (603) 262 9293 today to schedule an appointment. Talk to our experts to learn more about strategies for mold remediation that meet your needs.

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Removing Mold From A Wet Basement In Merrimack

10/2/2017 (Permalink)

A wet basement in a Merrimack home can also result in mold growth.

Mold Removal From A Wet Basement

A little water in the home can be unpleasant, but it can also cause structural and personal property damage if ignored. Merrimack residents can find themselves with an expensive repair and restoration bill unless they act quickly.

A wet basement in a Merrimack home can also result in mold growth. Since the air in most basements is cooler and moister than the rest of a house, it is a perfect breeding ground for a mold infestation. To stop and remove it, SERVPRO lowers the humidity and clean visible mold from surfaces.

We set-up a dehumidifier to reduce the air moisture content. Once it is down to normal levels, mold spores return to an inactive state and no longer pose a threat. With that achieved, our technicians use a chemical cleaner, sponges, and cloths to remove any mold we find. If the growth is very thick in some places, we may use a specially designed vacuum with a HEPA filter. This filter is designed specifically to remove and trap mold spores.

The best way to stop mold, of course, is to prevent it. Since mold only needs a small amount of moisture to expand and grow, SERVPRO technicians look for the smallest source. The most common ones are drips from damaged or unprotected pipes and seepage from outside the home.

Even a finished basement usually has exposed pipes overhead. A leak from a cracked connection invariably drips water onto support beams where it helps mold spores expand and begin to feed on the wood. The same occurs when exposed pipe drip condensation. Our technicians can fix these connection issues in just an hour or two and wrap insulation around an exposed pipe in a matter of minutes.

Seepage is hard to find and requires an inch-by-inch inspection of the basement walls. We seal any cracks we find with a special, hydraulic cement and then cover the basement walls with a layer of masonry cement. Both applications are excellent barriers against leaks with the second one being completely waterproof.

If you suspect there is mold in your basement, or you want to prepare it against a future threat, contact us today. SERVPRO of Merrimack has decades of experience protecting homes in New Hampshire and is ready to help you. Call (603) 262-9293 today.

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Fight Mold, Mildew, and Rot - Get Mold Remediation Services For Your Amherst Area Home

7/31/2017 (Permalink)

Mold and mildew can show up quickly on your wall. Call us at SERVPRO when you first notice the damage and we'll come out to investigate the source.

SERVPRO Technicians Have the Training and the Equipment to Handle Mold Damage on Your Property

Mold and mildew growing in your attic, walls, or crawl spaces do quite a bit of damage to unprotected wood and building materials. If left unattended, mold can lead to rotten wood, affecting the structural integrity of your home.  
Discovering mold damage in your Amherst home is hardly the end. Never panic before having your home inspected by an expertly trained mold remediation specialist. Proceeding alone can cost you, especially when you remove materials or items that are restorable.  
Wet, warm, humid areas allow mold and mildew to grow rapidly, causing spotty outbreaks, black mildew, and mold colonies to appear. However, SERVPRO technicians can help you understand how far mold and mildew penetrate into each material and provide you with recommendations that reduce the costs of your restoration considerably.
Attempting to clean and disinfect areas affected by mold and mildew alone presents its own set of challenges. You need the right chemicals and how you clean, or handle things has a direct impact on the amount of contamination you endure. It is easy to do things wrong, causing you to spread growth to other areas not already affected.  
If you have had recent construction or repairs of any kind during a period of wet weather, it is easy for moisture to become trapped in your walls. Without the proper training, workers may assume that as long as wet lumber resides inside, it can dry on its own. When in fact the trapped moisture causes mold and mildew to grow.  
Without the proper equipment, it can be hard to get wood to dry out properly. SERVPRO gives you access to air movers, dryers, and an array of attachments that make reaching these areas easier. Our technicians also use infrared moisture detectors and hygrometers to ensure removal of every drop of water.  
SERVPRO has 24-hour emergency services, making us available when you need us to tackle damages in your home. We have several years of experience, top-quality technicians, and equipment to suit any size situation.
Contact SERVPRO of Merrimack to schedule your initial inspection, or begin your mold remediation, today. (603) 262-9293

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Dealing With Mold Damage in Amherst

6/18/2017 (Permalink)

Mold can infest your home. SERVPRO can help get the situation under control with a certified process.

SERVPRO's Four Step Process is Effective for Mold Damage in Your Home

Mold spores are in every home in New Hampshire. They are harmless most of the time, and it is just not cost effective to remove them except for ‘clean rooms’ that are needed for surgery in hospitals and some types of manufacturing. They are a threat only when there is the right mixture of moisture, temperature, and a food source.

When it comes to removing and remediating the effects of mold damage in Amherst homes, SERVPRO has developed four steps necessary to the process. We do not use all four for every task, but we follow each one carefully when we do.

Establish Containment – If there is a danger of spreading mold to unaffected areas of the home, our technicians seal the HVAC vents to prevent spores getting into the ductwork. They then install plastic sheeting to serve as containment barriers and set up decontamination rooms for when they enter or exit the affected areas. Finally, they establish negative air pressure to force spore-contaminated air out of the structure.

Remove Mold Contamination – Actions in this step depend on the type of material in the affected area. The porous material is tough and costly to clean, so it is removed and normally discarded. Examples include carpeting, fabrics, insulation, and drywall. Nonporous materials can be cleaned using vacuums with special HEPA filters or wiped down using dry or wet cloths. If the mold growth is very thick, it may be necessary to use a chemical cleaner and vacuum before and after to remove larger particles.

Clean Dust and Settled Spores – After vacuuming, more spores settle out of the air on clean surfaces. Technicians wipe down these surfaces from top to bottom. For flat surfaces, they wipe them off toward the negative air machines to take advantage of the airflow out of the structure. We repeat this step as often as needed.

Dry the Materials - We set up dehumidifiers to dry the air and rearrange the air movers to force airflow over property and structural surfaces to dry them. Technicians remove materials that have absorbed a significant amount of moisture from the affected areas to begin the drying process while others remove the mold.

Cleaning and restoring your home after a mold infestation is a detailed process and requires a professional service. SERVPRO of Merrimack has decades of experience in Hillsborough County and is ready to help. Call us today at (603) 262-9293.

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Professional Services Available To Treat Mold In The Attic Of Your Mt. Vernon Home

2/8/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Grows in a Damaged Mt. Vernon Attic

SERVPRO Information on Mold Problems in Your Mt. Vernon Home's Attic

If you are like most people, storing your Christmas decorations is likely one of the few times you enter your attic every year. Making it nearly impossible to notice maintenance issues or poor weather conditions that cause damage to your roof, leading to mold growth forming in your attic.
As the year progresses, unless something happens to draw your attention to the issue, you are unlikely to hire a qualified professional to perform an inspection for mold in the attic of your Mt. Vernon home, leaving you with significant mold damage that you do not even know exists.
Situations like these require access to a company with expertly trained professionals that can locate the source of moisture, repair the problem and perform any necessary mold remediation services to correct the situation properly, someone like SERVPRO.
If the company that you use decides to perform mold remediation and clean up services without locating and repairing whatever is causing the moisture to exist, other microscopic spores can return when the right conditions exist, creating the same problem, time after time.
At SERVPRO, we find that most moisture problems in your attic exist due to roofing repair issues or improper ventilation. A pipe running through your attic may have a slow leak, or there could be a blocked or broken vent, or may not be enough vents to ventilate the attic properly causing the humidity to rise and excessive condensation to exist. In the cold season, ice damming is often the cause of water intrusion and damage which can also lead to mold proliferation.
The professionals at SERVPRO use a variety of methods to locate roof leaks and provide you with qualified professionals to perform a proper inspection to assist with identifying any discolored insulation or wood in your attic consistent with mold contamination. The inspection requires navigating through the entire attic, visually inspecting rafters, sheathing, joists, roof valleys and other areas that are highly susceptible to roof leaks.
If skylights, chimneys, windows and vents exist, or any portion of the building materials that are dissimilar in nature come together, the area needs to be checked for leaks and sealed properly. Even if you have a vapor barrier installed, a check for excessive condensation should detect if moisture exists that might lead to mold problems.
Air travels up, and any moisture produced by activities such as cooking, bathing, using a clothes dryer or dishwasher can cause moisture to rise to your attic. Without the proper ventilation, this moisture becomes trapped and leads to mold problems forming in your attic.
Keep safety in mind and contact a professional from SERVPRO of Merrimack today, give us the opportunity to inspect your mold problem thoroughly. Contact us today. (603) 262-9293

Three Reasons Why Unoccupied Properties Are A Major Source of Mold Damage in Amherst

12/8/2016 (Permalink)

Mold damage can grow quickly. Call SERVPRO today to assess and remediate.

Tips to Follow to Prevent Finding Mold on Your Property

There are many reasons why a property might be left to stand unoccupied. The former tenants may have moved out in a hurry, after having trouble paying their bills. Or, the previous occupant might have died. It could just be a victim of hard times and a harsh economy.

Whatever the reason, unoccupied houses pose a challenge for future tenants. Mold damage in Amherst is often found in vacant properties, where damp has set in and spores have accumulated. The experts at SERVPRO have dealt with many restoration cases like this. These properties often require extensive mold repairs before they can be reused.

If you own or are primarily responsible for an unoccupied property, SERVPRO is on hand to help you clean, dry, and fully restore it. This guide to mold restoration will explain why it tends to thrive in this kind of environment.

Lack of Supervision

The most obvious reason is a lack of monitoring. Mold develops in the presence of moisture, and even a small amount of humidity in the air can encourage its growth. Ordinarily, things like condensation on window panes and minor faucet leaks are managed by the occupants. In a vacant home, however, they go unheeded and damp spreads through walls, floors, and ceilings.

Poor Air Circulation

When properties are left vacant, all of their windows and doors are closed. This impedes the healthy circulation of air and prevents heat from escaping as it normally would. Mold requires heat and moisture to survive and spread. If the air is not moving, it collects water. This is why mold damage experts use sophisticated air moving devices and dehumidifiers to capture the moisture and circulate clean air.

Organic Materials and Debris

Mold spreads much more quickly in homes which contain a lot of wood and natural fibers. It feeds on these materials. If any food waste has been left in the building, this could also be a natural accelerator. The first thing that remediation and restoration experts do is clear the environment it of organic waste (this includes old food, moldy carpets, and damp fabrics).

How to Get the Mold Damage Restoration Process Started

The first thing that you need to do is call the SERVPRO team. Generally, restoring an empty property is much simpler, because there are fewer valuables to protect. We can inspect the house and install industrial air movers, dehumidifiers, and fans right away. If there is any furniture, electronic equipment, artwork, or paper documents that you wish to preserve, you can discuss this with your technicians.

SERVPRO of Merrimack is a locally based company. We are highly trained and have access to state of the art drying, cleaning, and restoration equipment. If you need to fix up a mold damaged property in a hurry, we can help. Call us 24/7 at (603) 262-9293.

Does Your Merrimack Home Have A Mold Problem?

11/14/2016 (Permalink)

Microscopic mold spores naturally occur almost everywhere, both outdoors and indoors. This makes it impossible to remove all mold from a home or business. Mold remediation reduces the mold spores count back to its natural or baseline level. Some restoration businesses advertise "mold removal" and even guarantee to remove all mold, which is not true. Consider the mold facts:

  • Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air and may enter your home or business through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet.
  • Mold spores thrive on moisture. Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. These colonies may produce allergens and irritants.
  • Before mold remediation can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise, the mold may return.
  • Mold often produces a strong, musty odor and can lead you to possible mold problem areas.
  • Even higher than normal indoor humidity can support mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.

If your home or business has a mold problem, we can inspect and assess your property and use our specialized training, equipment, and expertise to remediate your mold infestation.

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The Difference Between Mold and Bacteria

5/11/2016 (Permalink)

Molded Fruit

While mold and bacteria are often grouped together, they are actually two very different organisms. Both occur naturally in nature but certain types of molds and bacteria may be harmful to humans.

Size. Molds are typically a lot larger than bacteria and possess hyphae or long, multi-celled filaments. Bacteria are generally smaller and more numerous in size but less complex.

Cellular structure. Molds are fungi and bacteria are not. Fungi are considered eukaryotes which means their DNA is enclosed in a nucleus (often referred to as a proper or well-defined nucleus) which is separated from their cytoplasm. The nucleus of a bacteria cell is not separated from their cytoplasm making them prokaryotes. What makes fungi cells complex are all the structures within their cell that bacteria cells do no possess.

Growth. There are two types of fungi which are important to consider when talking about growth; filamentous and yeasts. Fungal yeast reproduce by budding and filamentous fungi reproduce by branching or elongation. Bacteria on the other hand, regenerate by binary fission which means each parent cell divides into two smaller cells, typically of similar sizes.

Food and nutrition. Bacteria are autotrophic in that they have the ability to produce their own food via light or chemical energy and they are heterotrophic as well meaning, they can take in energy from other organisms for food if need be. Fungi are a type of heterotroph called saprophytes which get their energy from dead organic matter.  This is why fungi are often found in soil or on surfaces that are in the process of decay.

Fungi and bacteria often come with a negative stigma but don’t forget about all the good they do! They release and create nutrients to provide energy for our ecosystem, are used in the fermentation of chemicals, the production of food and even in our bodies to make certain vitamins. Remember, not all molds and bacteria are created equally. While different, they are necessary to our ecosystems and way of life. Also dont forget if you run into a mold situation give SERVPRO of Merrimack a call!! 603-889-2311