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Checking for Asbestos Abatement in a Merrimack Home

9/21/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Advises Merrimack Customers on the Ramifications of Asbestos in Their Dwellings

In Merrimack Houses, SERVPRO Adheres to the Law with Asbestos Sampling Before Demolition or Renovation

What is the story concerning asbestos? This fibrous mineral, when established in a structure, is safe enough until it is demolished and the fibers become airborne. The terrible cancer known as mesothelioma is just one of the hazards associated with this mineral. Lawyers love class action suits, but our job at SERVPRO is to prevent the spreading of the potentially cancer-causing materials by following the law.

SERVPRO understands the inherent dangers and hazards that result from asbestos exposure in the Merrimack area of New Hampshire. Our technicians, when requested to demolish or renovate homes must ascertain the year the house was erected. Asbestos had many uses in home construction prior to 1985. Why so? It was a cheap fire-retardant and thermal and acoustical insulator found in many homes for different reasons. Old floor and ceiling tiles, roof shingles, joint compound, and thermal insulation for wrapping boiler and pipes, and even textured paint were some of its uses. It was very versatile until the party ended with the determination that the fibers were carcinogenic.

Our main goal is to assure the safety of our clients and our technicians as well during deconstruction of a property. Asbestos contains the mineral Chrysotile that is fibrous and is woven together for many uses. When these fibers become airborne and are inhaled or ingested, asbestos can be very harmful and dangerous. But by law, from that 1985 date and earlier dwellings required an Asbestos Sampling performed by an outside, certified company before services could be rendered.

If the sampling is negative, the crew can go forward with the project and start the selective demolition or renovation knowing the safety of the residents and our team are secure from this mineral and its dangers. If the sampling comes back positive, SERVPRO must refer our customers to a third party company that is approved by the homeowner's insurance company to isolate and contains the asbestos, so it does not spread through the air. This testing takes several days during which work cannon commence. This is the law, and we follow the law.

We want our customers to understand this process before the technicians show up for work. Knowing information before going to start the job is always vital. We wanted to let you know this information first and foremost, so there are no problems in the future regarding this regulation.

SERVPRO of Merrimack works and strives for job site safety and never jeopardizing the well-being of our customers. We are ready to help 24/7 by calling us at (603) 262-9293.

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Animal Feces Cleanup And Removal In Merrimack

7/16/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Provides Safe and Sanitary Raccoon Latrine and Animal Feces Cleanup in Merrimack

Trust SERVPRO to Decontaminate Your Merrimack Attic After Raccoon or Other Critter Presence

One of the attractions for visitors to New Hampshire is the variety of woods and wildlife throughout the state. For Merrimack homeowners, that same wildlife can cost them a lot if it gets into their home and tries to make it theirs as well.

Much of the damage is not physical destruction from chewing or nesting in Merrimack homes. Animal feces cleanup takes a large share of the hours a SERVPRO crew puts into the task. It also can result in the lion share of the costs.
If an animal nests in an attic, then it is a fairly simple matter to call animal control to have it removed. If caught quickly, then the raccoon, rodent or other creature has not had time to foul it with urine or feces. Unfortunately, homeowners don’t usually realize there is a problem until a new generation of pests is born in the insulation.
By this point, enough feces and urine have been dropped inside the attic to infest the insulation. The animal waste compresses the insulation, reducing the capability of it to keep the home cool in the summer. That means higher utility bills.
There is also the health concern for owners and residents. The Hantavirus can be present in rodent waste which causes lung damage and muscle aches. Histoplasmosis is another respiratory infection found in bat and bird feces that can be just as dangerous. Raccoon latrines are a treasure trove for Baylisascaris procyonis, a roundworm that can be harmful to people. These contaminated areas should be removed by SERVPRO technicians outfitted in PPE personal protection equipment and trained in biohazardous cleanup.
To remove these threats to our fellow residents and homeowners, our technicians start with disinfection. As they enter the attic, they spray an anti-bacterial agent across all surfaces to kill viruses. If there is a large number of feces and urine, each technician wears a breathing mask, rubber boots, and may put on a protective suit if needed, as noted above.
Next, they use a commercial vacuum attached to a long hose and a sealed bag to draw the contaminated insulation outside the home. Once technicians remove the majority of the insulation and feces, they go over the entire attic with long-handled scrapers to remove every trace of the material. When they remove all the material, they spray down the attic surfaces again with the anti-bacterial agent to kill any remaining threats.
At SERVPRO of Merrimack, our goal is to put you back inside your home the moment it is safe. If you can hear the steps of little critters overhead, call us today at (603) 262-9293 for an inspection. We are here for you.

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Biohazardous Conditions Exist with Blown-In Insulation Removal from a Merrimack Property

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Removes and Replaces Insulation in Merrimack Homes for a Safer Environment

SERVPRO's Blown-In Insulation Removal and Replacing Is Accomplished Safely

There are several reasons to remove insulation from attics and walls. Over time, it deteriorates and its ability to control temperature decreases. Older insulation is not as efficient as the insulation currently sold, even if it has not deteriorated, so there is a cost saving. Finally, insulation that has become contaminated by raccoons, rodents, birds, and other pests deteriorates and compacts, making it both useless and a health hazard.

Regardless of the reason why blown-in insulation removal in Merrimack or anywhere else in New Hampshire needs a professional service company, try SERVPRO. Our technicians have years of experience in removing insulation from a vast number of private homes and commercial structures. We understand the difficulties and the dangers when it comes to removal.

First, there is the physical danger. Older insulation is made from a type of fiberglass that gets into eyes and under skin very easily. Homes with this insulation require eye protection and a face mask at a minimum during removal. Basic coveralls and protective gloves keep our restoration crews safe while vacuuming out an attic or reaching down into walls.

If the insulation in your home is older than thirty-five years, there is the possibility that it is asbestos-laced. Any work around loose asbestos fibers requires breathing gear and a protective suit and gloves. This is a biohazardous cleanup situation requiring HAZMAT gear and EPA licensing. Although we do our best to make sure our work does not affect the rest of the home, it may be necessary to keep everyone out until we finish the job. When the attic has been disinfected with fogging agents, the installation of new material is possible.

There is the danger of contamination from animal urine and feces. Depending on the pest, there are viral threats such as the Hantavirus and Histoplasmosis. Family pets are at risk from ringworm which is a threat whenever raccoons are present.

You should always consider an experienced, professional company when removing insulation. SERVPRO of Merrimack is ready to assist our neighbors in increasing their energy efficiency and improving the health and safety of their homes. Call us today at (603) 262-9293 to get started.

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American Biohazard Recovery Certification

6/12/2015 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Merrimack became American Biohazard Recovery cetified during the Summer of 2014.  ABRA has set the industry precedent with a golden standard.

"ABRA is an international association of crime scene clean up, trauma scene, hoarding clean up & meth lab clean up recovery professionals who are dedicated to upholding the highest technical, ethical and educational guidelines  of the biohazard remediation industry."

"Our trusted members of the American Bio-recovery Association (ABRA) are here to help relieve you of the emotional trauma.  The Nation's most qualified seicalized contractors network is here to provide you and your loved ones peace of mind and relief."

SERVPRO of Merrimack is proud to be an ABRA certified company and will continue in the persuit of the highest quality of specialized biohazard recovery.