Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Milford Basement Ceiling Storm and Flood Damage Cleanup

Partially collapsed ceiling above a shelf with wet insulation and ceiling joists above Ceiling drywall removed with cleaned, dried joists and intact plumbing an... READ MORE

Hollis Water Loss--Not for Long!

The bulkhead doors leading to the basement, both finished (as shown in the Before Photo) and unfinished, allowed water seepage from the exterior. Our office sta... READ MORE

Water Damage in Bedford Home

What do you do when you have unexpected water in your basement? This homeowner called SERVPRO. We responded to the call, and after assessing the situation, we... READ MORE

Flooding in a Merrimack Basement

Team SERVPRO of Merrimack was recently called to dry out the basement at a residence in Merrimack, New Hampshire. These are before and during photos of the job.... READ MORE

Nor'easter Storms Can Ruin an Amherst House

The rip in the roof from the fierce winds allowed rainwater to soak the attic crawl and weigh down the insulation and sheetrock ceiling until it collapsed in th... READ MORE

Storm Damage Restoration In Merrimack

Storms can be unpredictable, but our team at SERVPRO of Merrimack is not. When you contact our team, you are contacting a company that is a leader in the restor... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Merrimack Home

Storm damage at this Merrimack home took place when high winds associated with a band of thunderstorms tore portions of the roofing away from the house. The kit... READ MORE

Merrimack Vacant Rental and Storm Problems

The empty rental house was struck by storm water that drenched the carpeting and the baseboards in Merrimack. The Before Photo shows a waterlogged floor that ne... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Merrimack Gymnasium

Storm damage to this Merrimack gymnasium left standing water and debris covering the floor. The water remained on the floor long enough to allow seepage to the ... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Ceiling and Flat Roof

The severe storm in Amherst only lasted several hours, but it tore a hole in the roof allowing for about twenty gallons of water to filter down through the shea... READ MORE